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Igewind’s purpose is to develop wind power projects, mostly, integrating the whole process, from the site identification and preliminary design to the obtaining of the building license in order to start the construction, as well as supervising it.

The complete development from the initial state or greenfield, from A to Z, requires, at least, the following tasks:

Researching of viable sites for wind or PV development, having in consideration the restrictive factors that could appear during the process of promoting.
Installation, management and maintenance of meteorological masts (having managed more than 25 masts, ours and others’), as well as elaborating wind resource studies.
During these years and in the different wind and PV promotions, almost a dozen town planning projects have been developed and more than 1.000 parcels have been managed and signed. A GIS (Geographical Information System) is used to track and understand the status of the project in reference, among other things, to the fields and their management.
Perform the necessary procedures and projects until the contract of connection to the network with the electricity distribution or transport company is signed so that the wind farm or solar PV plant can discharge the energy generated in the network. This section is undoubtedly one of the critical and difficult elements in any project.
Redacting and supervising technical projects: urban compatibility, environmental impact studies, basic projects, wind and PV farms detailing projects, as well as evacuation infrastructures.
Obtaining permits and licenses, currently having achieved more than 210 MW of wind power and 1.5 MW of solar PV (greenfield projects to Ready to Build) in Europe.


On the other hand, we also offer consultant services and due diligence, such technical and administrative revision of the already developed projects from other promoters.

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